Tuesday, September 8, 2009

G'Day, Mate!

Oh, BB ZQ. 99% of the time, I hold you up as a Paragon of fashion - someone who stands far above the rest of the maddening (and poorly dressed crowd) as an exemplary specimen of how to own your style, and make it look good.

From this picture, it doesn't look so bad - there is the Hat, of course...and some over-sized shades: typical ZQ wardrobe staples. Then, there is the grey semi-loose-fitting pocketed ribbed tank and what appears to be holey jeans.

Not bad, a great outfit for running errands, or hitting up the flea markets, the farmers market or antiques fairs - taking Noah for a walk, maybe.


...once you stop being transfixed by the dazzlingly enigmatic smile, and gorgeously muscled shoulders and arms and zoom out a bit...

...you see the whole picture...and it ain't as pretty (but it's still pretty because it's our Boy):

From the knees down, it gets a little...not as typically ZQ Smexy. I'd say with the cut-off's he's giving a nod to his Aussie fans, but really - the cut offs aren't short enough (no butt-cheeks hanging out). Not that there's anything wrong with that...

The kicks are pretty styling though. And really - one can't cast stones because it's ZQ and he'd look good in a paper bag. He'd make that paper bag chic. Throw a skinny tie over it and you'd have the next big fashion - all started by Zachary baby.

The cut-offs do serve one great purpose: to show off his nicely muscled calves. They are delicious! Almost as, but not quite as edible as his delectable eyebrows.

Oh, Baby. You can do (almost) no wrong. I can let the cut-offs slide because of how over-all awesome and smexy you are just in general - and you are at least sporting black socks and not falling to the cardinal sin of white socks. Keep rockin the awesome style sense that is classic and uniquely ZQ, no matter what.

On to the next ZQ-related item! Remember this delicious video, by artist Tyler Shields?

Well, BB has finally gotten his payback, and it's...Silky...

And last, but not least - bonus but non-Hat related ZORN! An HQ screen-cap from the smexy TS Milk-Soaked and Sexily-Seething ZQ video piece!


  1. Ah! You beat me to it! Dang! Oh, well, is he wearing black socks with those denim shorts also? Oh, honey, no...

  2. Love the blog, and the photo of ZQ's legs. Don't get enough of those, he's got nice calves. *laugh*

    Heard about your blog on the Sarmy site, so you're probably going to get other members here.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Not a fan of the shorts, but its worth it to see the legs. *laugh*

    They just posted about your blog on the Sarmy site, so you're probably going to be getting some visitors (myself included) from there.

  4. @kannbrown65 and @Anon - glad you like the blog and WElCOME! :) Thanks for letting me know it was mentioned on the Sarmy that's exciting! I love that site as well!

  5. Loooovve the Tyler Shields "payback"

    Zach is so funny.

  6. Oh you mentioned Eyebrows! I live to lick them.. (when kristi isn't looking... LOL)

    I'm NOT a fan of this look. I really can't say I am. I have this strong urge to rip everything OFF him!

  7. Ah ZQ...you could be covered in milk or looking like a hobo, and women would STILL line up to have your babies...

    Found your blog on syzzlyn's tumblr and it actually motivated me to create my own! Mine is called The Many Faces of Zachary Quinto!

    And now I must get ready to go to work. Gotta fund my habits somehow...;)