Monday, July 27, 2009

Hat's love, Baby!

I, am unfortunately being quite devoured by work and other commitments related to other work...and have been terribly remiss in blogging the daily Zachary Quinto's Hat. I may be pre-occupied for a couple days yet, so here is ZQ and his Hat - blowing us all a kiss in the mean time. I figure, this should tide us over for a little while, until the daily Hat can be posted well, daily - in a couple days again. Muah ZQ! And MUAH to your little hat too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hat's the way I like it.

This picture has made the rounds, but yet I never tire of seeing it - and, I wager you will not either for the simple fact that It. Is. ADORABLE.

Here, The Hat is dutifully perched atop our darling ZQ's head as he absent-mindedly sucks on his hoodie string - something I do myself when I'm deep in thought and perhaps why I'm so drawn to this cute picture.

Also - his brows are looking quite perfect here. Mad props to JustJared again for capturing another great ZQ moment.

Many apologies for the lack of posts yet again - I'm still absorbed in the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries - even though I've seen it in full when it transmitted in the UK last week. Can't tear my eyes off it again. If you want something that will blow your mind and have you on the edge of your seat for 5 hours (akin to the reboot of Battlestar Galactica), watch it! It's not to be missed! And you don't need to have seen a single episode of Torchwood before to enjoy this miniseries. You can jump right in - I highly recommend it. Some great man-candy and retro fashion in it to. ZQ would be impressed! And speaking of our Baby ZQ again - he'd make a fine guest star on Torchwood. James Marsters graced the series with his beautiful face (and affected British vowels) last year - creating quite the memorable villain. I say, ZQ could do at least as much as James Marsters did. Bring ZQ on! John Barrowman and ZQ sharing the screen at the same time? I think I'd die of squee.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walking the Dog

Mad props to JustJared for snapping this photo of our baby's Hat as it dutifully helps ZQ walk his faithful four-legged companion Noah.

ZQ loves to walk Noah in his Hat. He loves to do lots of things in his Hat, really. As this blog is demonstrating.

Sorry this post is so short, for a supposed "Lazy Sunday" it's been pretty busy, but I did not want to leave anyone without their daily dose of ZQ and his Hat.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beware the Zorn-stache, Hat!

Not long ago, Zachary Quinto's Hat was seen accompanied by a strange and perplexing new companion: a Porn 'Stache. ("Zorn"-stache?)

Many a debate has surrounded said 'stache's appearance beneath the brim of The Hat. Was ZQ sporting it to be "ironic"? Was it for a film project? Did he just collapse from exhaustion in the midst of shaving - his fingers so fatigued that he couldn't complete the shave? Only ZQ knows, but one thing is certain - the Zorn-stache's appearance definitely redirected all the admiration/speculation from The Hat to itself.

Fortunately, subsequent photos of the delicious ZQ have proven that the Zorn-stache was apparently (hopefully) a fleeting facial fasion, and our hottie hipster boy ZQ is now Zorn-stache free. No longer, will The Hat be eclipsed by such transient hair. Once again, The Hat can relax, knowing it has regained the full attention of it's admirers.

Friday, July 17, 2009

That darn Hat!

ZQ and his Hat. You never know where it will show it's brim. shops...a walk with the dog...the events.

Here is ZQ at a fundraiser for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDs Foundation. I particularly enjoy the shirt he has paired his hat with for this event. The shirt is almost Threadless-like in nature (but contains too many colors) and adds a bit of whimsy to his Hat. Also of particular note, are his wonderfully whiskered jeans and the semi-aviator sunglasses he's gently holding in his right hand. I could go on and on about his fashion in this picture, let alone the meticulously well-groomed nature of his eyebrows. I need to get tips from him! But we are here to bring glory to his Hat, of course! Let us not forget our purpose! Here is The Hat, nicely framing his gorgeous face as usual and showing off his brows and sexy scruff particularly well. The Hat is simultaneously doing a great job of keeping the glare out of his eyes, whilst diffusing sunlight over his face, brightening it up as he's in a somewhat shaded area. Photographers, should take note: who needs a Lastolite reflector when you've got ZQ's Hat? It's just as effective and probably a sixteenth of the price. (Because I imagine he bought it at Goodwill or some place like that).

What the Hat?!

For quite some time now, well - really since I saw the Star Trek movie with two of my best girls Cori and Roxy (and incidentally, two of the awesomest sisters I know) I have shared an obession with Roxy. This obsession can be summed up in two words - or rather, one proper name and one surname - Zachary. Quinto.

Roxy and I - two peas in a pod, feed our obsession in the same way - by spending an inordinate amount of time (probably an unhealthy amount of time) perusing the internets for pictures of ZQ which we've affectionately dubbed "Zorn". In otherwords - Zachary (Quinto) + the word Porn = "Zorn". How do you like that contraction?

Anyways - in our obsessive searches for him, one common theme or thread has occured amongst many, many, MANY of the pictures - ZQ has a favorite hat.

One he's rarely ever seen out of and that, dare I say - he seems to have an obesssion with (much akin to my obsession for searching for pictures of him). He even wears it to events! Roxy and I have shared many a "LOL" over dear ZQ's hat and we joke about where it will appear next, what it potentially smells like and what would ever happen if something terrible befell the hat. Whatever would our Baby ZQ do without it?

It seems that Roxy and I are not the only ones who have notice ZQ's affinity for his hat. Many other fans - or Zans as I like to call them, talk about it. I figure it's high-time this famous (infamous?) hat gets a tribute site of it's own.

So here it is! Zachary Quinto's Hat! In this site, I hope to post every adorably ridiculous photo I happen upon of the Hat on ZQ's head. Oh, and for some more LOLs and wonderful Zorn, please be sure to stop by Roxy's tribute site - Zachary Quinto's Eyebrows!