Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I feel that an explanation should be made, my dear followers to you for my long absence and terrible lack of ZQ posts these past, perhaps, two months? Personal reasons have sadly prevented me from keeping this, my dearly beloved ZQ homage regularly up-to-date. I know not what time this situation will allow me to keep new posts up regularly, but I do promise to update as much as I possibly can!

Today has been the first day in a long time that I have had a moment to catch my breath - and, what am I using it for? Scouring the Interwebs for pictures of Our Dear Boy ZQ, of course!

I happened across this fan photo which I could not resist posting for the following reasons:

1. This picture, perfectly sums up my head-space these past few weeks. If only the head-asplodey feeling was because I was standing next to ZQ like this lucky fan!

2. The priceless expression on ZQ's face, the intensity and determination - as well as the eyebrow flexing. Those bad boys can get some air.

3. One word: GUNZ.

4. In the spirit of Halloween (see what I did there?) and inherent geekiness of the pic. Sylar loves his brains. So do Zombies. Does that make Sylar a Zombie?

and last, but certainly not least:

5. The Hat (of course!)! Well, not the original hat, but it's younger brother I'm calling Stefan.

What's the name of the original hat you ask? Bunbury.

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  1. Head-asplodey. Hehehe...You and me both, Kristi...such busy gals...but never too busy for our ZQ. BTW, Quinn has that same shirt the dude in the picture is wearing.


  2. Stefan and Bunbury, eh? He was sporting a nice fughat in the Heroes ep.this week. Looked like his clothes came straight from his closet! Yum

    This week's ep not only featured a neat hat, but a shirtless Zach.

    I'm sure some Heroes fans lament that it could now be called "The Sylar Show," but me? I LOVE IT!!

  3. Rox, we're going to have to catch-up Saturday night, sounds like we have lots to get up to date on!

    Hah - oh Q. I love that he has that shirt!

    Mj - I'm with you, I definitely see nothing wrong with "The Sylar Show". In fact, why not spin him off into his own - maybe we could call it "Sylar" or "Gabriel Gray" or something?

    I'm going to have to catch up no some Heroes eps. Shirtless ZQ Monday and I missed it! :(

  4. "Heroes" has been great this season so far, b/c Claire isn't such a pain in the ass, HRG has lost his compass, Samuel is a malign influence, and a complicated fellow at that, and Gabriel/Nathan has yet to be re-joined with his evil self, which is inhabiting Matt Parkman's head [and occasionally, Matt's wife!] ... if Quinto doesn't win an Emmy this year, it would be a demmed shame.

    I'd love to see them do a spin-off, but I doubt Zachary would sign on. I think he's said he wants to do movies now.

    To catch up on your Heroes, and you really need to start at Ep. 1 so you can see Sylar work his evil on Matt, go to ... they now have full eps.

    He'll wrench your heart and twist yr evil soul, too, our dual-personality boy. Yummm! "Heroes'" producers must have been reading the fan sites. "More Zachary!" we cried, and we got 'im! So when y'all love something, speak up!

  5. Zach's been sporting the Beanie lately. Do you have a name for Beanie? LOL

    And his eyebrows are sooooo luscious this season. I am always so tempted to lick 'em.