Monday, August 17, 2009


Sorry for the sudden lack of posts, I got the frak (or frell, whatever your pleasure) out of town for a week or so of much needed R + R! It reminded me of this old, but good picture from when ZQ's Hat took him to the beach! What a day that was!

It looks as though a new hat is making it into ZQ's headwear rotation - one that greatly resembles the Hat in form, but not in color. I may be updating this site to be ZQ's Hats, depending on how much more we see of the others, and how little we see of the Original Hat - our raison d'etre, so to speak. Anywho, here is a quick dosage of ZQ Hat Zorn - and I'm off to finish out my work day - although I'd much rather spend it perusing the internets for pictures of ZQ with or without his Hat(s). More posts to come, tonight there will be one for sure!


  1. You know, those swim trunks sliding off his bum make me all hot and bothered. Grrr....

    Welcome back!

  2. Thanks! And OH, I know - I can't decide if I want to pull them back up for him, or pull them the rest of the way down. ROWR!

  3. hi there
    we have just started a new ZQ blog called in honour of his lovely Biceps :)

    We'd love to hook up with your site and ZQ's eyebrows blog site :) Can you follow us too?

  4. Hi there.. we just started a new blog called

    Can you follow us too? How do we link up on our blog page? :) We'd love to do that.