Monday, July 27, 2009

Hat's love, Baby!

I, am unfortunately being quite devoured by work and other commitments related to other work...and have been terribly remiss in blogging the daily Zachary Quinto's Hat. I may be pre-occupied for a couple days yet, so here is ZQ and his Hat - blowing us all a kiss in the mean time. I figure, this should tide us over for a little while, until the daily Hat can be posted well, daily - in a couple days again. Muah ZQ! And MUAH to your little hat too!


  1. Re: Our Concern Early Today About His New Hat.

    I think the blue fedora is in heavy rotation now, because I like to think the Hat is in the wash. It was to be. I picture it sitting on the floor of ZQ's laundry room, in his "light colors" pile, waiting for him to get back from all the Comicon madness to put it in the gentle cycle.

  2. You know, Rox? I think you're right. It has to be. ZQ has too much love for the Hat to put it out to pasture just yet!