Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yes! Finally a glimpse of ZQ's costume for 2009 - complete with hat, of course! A staple of Baby's wardrobe.

Thanks to Tyler Shields of course, for posting the pictures. Tyler is inexplicably behind ZQ in this picture, dressed as Santa. Apparently ZQ is making his Christmas wish.

Shields had this picture of he and ZQ posted as well:

And JustJared - such a great resource for smexy pictures of ZQ in all sorts of our favorite ZQ fashions had this extra picture to share:

Image 1, 2 [via]

Image 3 [via]


  1. He looks totally scary. I love it though! Love how much he gets into Halloween, like us!

  2. Oh yes! He's one of us! He should come to Anoka for our party next year - since it is the "Halloween Capital of the World" and all!

  3. I love these pics... I rather a skeleton than a Bert! LOL

  4. Isn't that the truth? Bert was more than a little creepy! And the Skeleton is really quite dashing in his own way. Really nice threads.

  5. Cute -- wow, he even whited out his distinctive and lovely dark hair!

    That Tyler! Just what is he saying with that first picture!? And what is ZACH saying!? Is he again poking fun at his sexually ambiguous image, or is he poking fun at us heterosexuals? Good gracious!

  6. Hey MJ, I do think they are poking fun at us .. LOL