Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vote for Zach!

Be sure to vote for our darling ZQ in the People's Choice Awards!!

The widget doesn't seem to work well with Blogger, but here's the link you can go to to vote in the PCA's - Zach is in the Favorite Break-out Actor Category. Be on the look out for the Star Trek ensemble, they're in it too!

Vote for Zach!

(I chose this picture because in my imagination, this is how they deliver the PCA envelopes - in a silver suitcase)

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  1. Yes! The voting is simple and easy! Zoe Saldana is up for breakout movie actress and ;( Chris Pine and Z bb are up against each other for breakout movie actor. And the ST movie cast or movie is up for something -- was it best team or best movie, I forget. Anyway, I voted! U can 2 ! Do it soon and help catapult Zach the Q to the happy heights. Then again ... maybe we should just keep him our little secret hahahahaha