Friday, July 17, 2009

What the Hat?!

For quite some time now, well - really since I saw the Star Trek movie with two of my best girls Cori and Roxy (and incidentally, two of the awesomest sisters I know) I have shared an obession with Roxy. This obsession can be summed up in two words - or rather, one proper name and one surname - Zachary. Quinto.

Roxy and I - two peas in a pod, feed our obsession in the same way - by spending an inordinate amount of time (probably an unhealthy amount of time) perusing the internets for pictures of ZQ which we've affectionately dubbed "Zorn". In otherwords - Zachary (Quinto) + the word Porn = "Zorn". How do you like that contraction?

Anyways - in our obsessive searches for him, one common theme or thread has occured amongst many, many, MANY of the pictures - ZQ has a favorite hat.

One he's rarely ever seen out of and that, dare I say - he seems to have an obesssion with (much akin to my obsession for searching for pictures of him). He even wears it to events! Roxy and I have shared many a "LOL" over dear ZQ's hat and we joke about where it will appear next, what it potentially smells like and what would ever happen if something terrible befell the hat. Whatever would our Baby ZQ do without it?

It seems that Roxy and I are not the only ones who have notice ZQ's affinity for his hat. Many other fans - or Zans as I like to call them, talk about it. I figure it's high-time this famous (infamous?) hat gets a tribute site of it's own.

So here it is! Zachary Quinto's Hat! In this site, I hope to post every adorably ridiculous photo I happen upon of the Hat on ZQ's head. Oh, and for some more LOLs and wonderful Zorn, please be sure to stop by Roxy's tribute site - Zachary Quinto's Eyebrows!


  1. Yeah! That stinky hat deserves it's own love-site. If only we knew more about it. Like, where is it from? How long has he had it? Is it machine washable??? One day, we will know the answers.

    Oh, and thanks for the pimp!

  2. I'd start one called ZQ's Sugarlumps, but I think it might be frowned upon by the man himself... [smirk]

    Besides I am a total techno-noob

    I agree about his arms. His lips. His eyes ... Ohh, I could go on all day.

    Somehow I don't think the Hat is stinky. I don't imagine him wearing anything that isn't cleaned and pressed, as it were. He does have favourite clothes, too, like those stripey jeans[?] that he's wearing in the beach photo [love that].