Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beware the Zorn-stache, Hat!

Not long ago, Zachary Quinto's Hat was seen accompanied by a strange and perplexing new companion: a Porn 'Stache. ("Zorn"-stache?)

Many a debate has surrounded said 'stache's appearance beneath the brim of The Hat. Was ZQ sporting it to be "ironic"? Was it for a film project? Did he just collapse from exhaustion in the midst of shaving - his fingers so fatigued that he couldn't complete the shave? Only ZQ knows, but one thing is certain - the Zorn-stache's appearance definitely redirected all the admiration/speculation from The Hat to itself.

Fortunately, subsequent photos of the delicious ZQ have proven that the Zorn-stache was apparently (hopefully) a fleeting facial fasion, and our hottie hipster boy ZQ is now Zorn-stache free. No longer, will The Hat be eclipsed by such transient hair. Once again, The Hat can relax, knowing it has regained the full attention of it's admirers.


  1. That stache was a mystery. I think he did it just for kicks, because the next day he was photographed in Mexico City at a Star Trek thing and it was gone. Maybe it was a bet, or a dare.

  2. It had to have been a dare! It must have just been for fun.