Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walking the Dog

Mad props to JustJared for snapping this photo of our baby's Hat as it dutifully helps ZQ walk his faithful four-legged companion Noah.

ZQ loves to walk Noah in his Hat. He loves to do lots of things in his Hat, really. As this blog is demonstrating.

Sorry this post is so short, for a supposed "Lazy Sunday" it's been pretty busy, but I did not want to leave anyone without their daily dose of ZQ and his Hat.


  1. Hat? Check. Stripy-shorts? Check. Adorable puppy? Check. I love how ZQ rarely wavers from his "everyday" apparel.

  2. HAHA I know - three of the major players (and don't forget the aviator-like sunglasses, that makes four) all in that one picture!